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Jane McDonald's Life Choices

Thursday, September 18, 2008
Category: Daily Express
Singer and TV presenter Jane McDonald 45 lives between Yorkshire and London, Her partner is Ed Roth of the Searchers
Food : Always the same or always game
I’m pretty game and will try anything  once and if I like it I’ll keep doing it – same with  The only thing I don’t like for some very odd reason is tomatoes – oddly I like tomato sauce and I like grilled tomatoes but I hate a raw tomato, other than that I’m very game.
Cooking:  Experimental or tried & tested
I don’t cook very often but when I get time I do quite enjoy it but I love eating out in nice restaurants and do so lots.  I like good Northern food and I make a good shepherd’s pie and Sunday roast – comfort food I call it.
Clothes:  M&S or D&G
I’m both but probably more High Street -you get can get great bargains on the high street. I do look in shops on Bond Street occasionally but rarely buy. My favourite designer is Joseph and on the High street I like Karen Millen and Coast.
Fashion: victim or setter
I certainly have been a victim in the past but now I like to do my own thing – I hate being styled for TV although the stylist on Loose Women is great but generally I hate being told what to wear.
Shopping:  ‘til you drop or avoid at all costs
I’m a girl and can happily shop all day as long as I can stop for a glass of something along the way.  If I’m shopping in London I stop at Selfridges’s bar, if it’s up north it’s usually Betty’s tea room. I like making a day of shopping.
Holidays: Beach or piste
I’ve tried skiing but I was terrible at it – I kept asking myself what I was doing there, although the scenery was lovely but I need the heat.  A five star hotel, cocktails by the pool and a handsome man at my side is my ideal holiday and looking at him is the only sightseeing I want to do.
Approach to Life: Manana or right now
I’m pretty organized and don’t like putting things off at all, I can’t sit down in the evening until I know everything has been done for the day.
Friends: quantity or quality    
I’m very choosy and have few real friends although lots of acquaintances but friendship is a rare thing and I’m funny about letting people in. On Loose women we’re friendly but at the end of the day we’re colleagues rather than friends.
Entertainment :Intimate Dinner or Big Bash
My idea of a good night out is a night in – I have to go to a lot of parties for work so a cosy night in at home is my ideal.
Drink:  Beer or Bolli
Bolli -I can’t do volume so never a beer. I drink the occasional glass of champagne because it’s has fewer calories  than a glass of wine but I’m not a great drinker; I’ll have a drink when I feel like and usually stop at two. My boyfriend doesn’t drink at all which makes me very aware of what I’m drinking.
Housekeeping:  Aggie & Kim or Wayne & Waynetta
I need tidiness and calm around me because I can’t relax if I can see something out the corner of my eye that needs done. I have a few people who help me now because I’m short of time. My Mum is a great help.
Cars: Boy racer or Sunday Driver
I’m a Sunday driver with a boy racer car – I like the idea of speed but never put my foot down. I drive a lovely Jaguar but it’s wasted on me in terms of its power. I should really have a Volvo. I like a nice car or at least a big car,  I think small cars are like keyings.
Money: Rainy day or live for today
I used to be rainy day and then I got divorced and lost all my money so that changed my outlook completely. I now enjoy myself to the full and don’t worry about tomorrow.  
Property: Urban chic or rural retreat
I like the country although I have the best of both worlds because I spend half the week in Mayfair and then I’m straight back up North to Yorkshire but I’d hate to live in London full time.
Décor: minimal or cosy
Cosy I like sumptuous sofas, a big roaring fire, a piano and a big TV for when I get the chance to sit down and I don’t like lots of colour around me, I need everything harmonious and peaceful so I have neutral colours.
Children: Mary Poppins or Cruella deville
I’m not Cruella but I’m certainly not Mary Poppins.  I’m not very good with children and never have been. I’m an aunty and a Godmother but not a very good one because I don’t know what to do with children. I’ve always been on the road and traveling but of course they don’t realize how rubbish I am, they just think I’m cool because I’m on the telly.  
Health: alternative or aspirin
Give me drugs every time – I haven’t really tried any alternative routes because I need something to work quickly and natural routes take forever.
Rubbish: bin it or recycle it
My Mother is very good at recycling- we have every bin in every colour and she sorts it all out but I’m not good at all.
Fitness: Jane Fonda or Jim Royle
I don’t do anything at all. Nor do I deprive myself of anything I just eat half of something and leave the rest.  When I’m singing a lot because I use my diaphragm sp much I always look really toned. I have such a busy schedule there’s just no time to fit proper exercise into my day.
Technology: gadget man or technophobe
I need technology because of my job I’m just about to buy a new iphone so that I can stay on top of my emails when I’m away from home but I wouldn’t say I like gadgets, I just appreciate that they make life easier.
Jane McDonald's new album 'Jane' is out now.
Visit www.Jane-Mcdonald.com for tour information.

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