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Sian Williams' Life Choices

Friday, September 05, 2008
Category: Daily Express
I like warmth and colour at home
BBC Newsreader Sian Williams , 43 lives in North London with her partner and her three sons,  Joss ,16, Alex 14 .and Seth 18 months.
Food : Always the same or always game
I tend to stick to the same thing which is a bit dull but as far as food goes I really don’t want to think about it too much. I don’t eat meat so that narrows the choices down a lot. I cook meat for my sons but I just have never liked the taste of it. When I first tried sushi I thought I was being very adventurous.
Cooking:  Experimental or tried & tested
I’m happy to try new things as long as they don’t take too long I once followed a Rick Stein recipe and half way through it said now add your own home made pesto sauce see page 36 – it just all takes so long . When I stand for ages making something for the boys I end up telling them how long it took me to make and feel completely resentful that they didn’t  fall on it full of appreciation.
Clothes:  M&S or D&G
I’m more High street for  TV because viewers tell you quickly what they think of what you’re wearing and so there’s no point in spending fortunes. This morning I was Top Shop although a viewer phoned to say I looked like Austin Powers. I’m quite small and tend to look even smaller in more causal clothes – I like  Ronit Zilkha suits because they’re structured and I have one  Alexander McQueen suit which cost fortune and so I wear it a lot and I don’t care what anyone else thinks of it.  
Fashion: victim or setter
I’m not innately stylish and I often get it wrong -clashing colours look great on Sara Jessica Parker but on me they just don’t work. Doing my job I’ve learned that I can’t everyone happy and so I try not to worry about it.  
Shopping:  ‘til you drop or avoid at all costs
If I could take Gok Wan with me and he picked out several outfits for me and spare net he agony of shopping that would be perfect. Shopping is one of my least favourite things to do.
 Holidays: Beach or piste
I used to ski and then I broke my leg chasing my son down a simple run on the first day of the holiday  and spent the rest of the week  in plaster cast –it’s put me off ski holidays a bit but I’m not great at just lying about either. We’ve just had a week in Dorset in a lovely family hotel where they rang a bell for dinner- I loved it.
Approach to Life: Manana or right now
The things I don’t get done tend to wake me up at 2 in the morning and nag away at me so I try just to do things at once  to  save myself the grief of worrying.  
Friends: quantity or quality    
I like meeting new people but I think there’s a big jump from that to arranging to meet up. I prefer spending quality time with my good friends and I feel as if I don’t do enough of that.
Entertainment :Intimate Dinner or Big Bash
You can hide at an intimate dinner but I like people chatting and unwinding round a table with a bottle of good wine and discovering new things about them. I’m not great at going out and like spending time at home.
Drink:  Beer or Bolli
If the opportunity arises, I’ll have champagne. I used to drink beer in Liverpool and always behaved very badly so I now stick to wine. If I have a glass of wine every evening them I don’t feel I have to gulp it down at the weekend– getting up at four in the morning is a great leveler; an extra glass of wine is never worth the pay off.
Housekeeping:  Aggie & Kim or Wayne & Waynetta
I hate a messy kitchen and so that’s tidy but the rest of the house is pretty messy. I am awful at picking up clothes and so are my sons.  From the age of 13 I did lots of cleaning  job and so I’m not averse to doing it myself but  now I have a cleaner I feel  guilty.
Cars: Boy racer or Sunday Driver
I drive a skoda which is all you need to know about my interest in cars. I get the tube or the bus I don’t need a car I wouldn’t spend money on a car, it’s never going to be a priority with me.
Money: Rainy day or live for today
I tend to squirrel it away if I can which comes from working from a young age. From the age of 13 I worked eight hour days at the weekend. When I was at university I had masses of cleaning jobs because I was always terrified of debt. My dad came from a very poor background and that rubbed off on me. I think it’s good to be financially independent but when I splash out it’s on holidays rather than material possessions.
Property: Urban chic or rural retreat
I’ve lived in cities for twenty years but I grew up by the sea and would love to get the chance to move somewhere on the south coast –that’s my long term aim.
Décor: minimal or cosy
I strive for a minimal look but looking round the kitchen I’d have to say it’s a messy- lived-in look.  I don’t like a stark room I need a bit of warmth and colour.
Children: Mary Poppins or Cruella deville
I’m a complete push over when it comes to my sons and I let them off with far too much.  In many ways they have it far easier than I did but they have good manners and are nice people.
Health: alternative or aspirin
I’ve had to rely on conventional medicine at times but I don’t like taking antibiotics if I can help it– a good night’s sleep and eating the right food should be enough.
Rubbish: bin it or recycle it
I try to recycle and then I buy food online and four apples arrive on a polystyrene tray in a plastic bag, it drives me mad. Why can’t we have paper bags again? My children nag me about energy saving light bulbs so I’m getting good at things like that too.
Fitness: Jane Fonda or Jim Royle
I’ve joined a gym and was going every week for a while but the truth is I hate them and would much rather be outside. I walk tothe underground every day and I’m out with the baby in the afternoon- that’s enough.
Technology: gadget man or technophobe
My boss would like if I was more technically minded but I’m not very good at it. I find computers such a waste of time – I can sit on the internet and before I know it two hours have passed and I’ve got nothing to show for it. I don’t like mobile phones either- I don’t want to be contacted all the time. And you can’t gauge someone else’s mood with emails or texts and it just leads to miscommunication. I’m going to start a campaign to bring back one phone in the house -that was always enough.

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