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A Funny Thing Happened...How to Write for the Humour Market 

Tutor :  Eileen Condon

Duration : six weeks 

Suitable for :Humour writing is one of the most sought after genres by publishers and editors. But you don't have to be a cracking comedian or witty wag to write humour, (though it's not a disadvantage) you just have to appreciate the funny side of life. This course will help you unlock your comedy voice and provide you with enough writing techniques to keep you laughing all the way to The End.

Week One What's so funny?
How to get ideas for humour writing. How to find your funny voice. How to translate it into the written word. Examining the humour markets.

Week Two Notice me!
How to grab your reader! How to plot, structure and pace and not peak too early!

Week Three  I could die laughing
How to turn the negative into the positive by tapping into a rich seam of humour – pain!

Week Four Who are you laughing at!
How to write funny characters and funny, convincing dialogue.

Week Five Not laughing anymore.
How to keep the funny muscles flexed when writing is starting to become about as pleasurable as pulling teeth. How to keep going.

Week Six Oh how we laughed...all the way to the end.
How to finish, revise, edit and polish until the final piece is ready for submission.

Course assessments include.

One weekly lesson, assignments, practical exercises and online discussions

For more information and start dates email

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